The City Walls of Istanbul

The walls which defended Constantinople for over a millenium constitute a significant part of Istanbul’s cultural heritage. A prominent example of military architecture from Late Roman – Middle Ages, this defense system was built in early 5th century, and had been subjected to many additions and repairs in various periods. GABAM initiated the creation of a new digital resource focusing on the walls of Constantinople, part of which (the Land Walls) is inscribed in the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Within the scope of the project, a detailed inventory is being prepared for all preserved parts of the walls, and all data will be hosted on an interactive geo-spatial platform.

Byzantine Musical Instruments

In cooperation with the Athens-based Friends of Music Society, GABAM has launched a new research project focusing on Byzantine musical instruments, scheduled to conclude within a two years. The main aim of the project is to create an elaborate documentation of Byzantine musical instruments through the design and production of a web portal which will include a fully integrated database for researchers, a digital exhibition for the wider public and educational applications.

Documenting the Damatris Palace

The summer palace of the Byzantine emperors on the Asian side of Constantinople, which has been under excavation by Istanbul Archaeological Museums since 2012, was documented in 2016. The site, encompassing an area of 5500 m2 is one of the greatest archaeological sites excavated in Istanbul. GABAM supported the complete architectural documentation of the palace. Remains were laser-scanned during 32 days of work at the site, and drawings completed after 67 days of work in the office. The palace excavations will be published jointly in a volume by GABAM and Istanbul Archaeological Museums, probably in 2018.

Byzantine Monuments Photographs Archive Project

The project aims to create a digital photographic archive of Byzantine monuments in Istanbul. The core of the archive is made up of monuments found across the Historic Peninsula. You can reach the details of the archive from the link below.