Rhodiapolis Episcopal Church Mosaic Restoration and Architectural Documentation

The Episcopal Church at Rhodiapolis (Antalya/Kumluca) has been under excavation since 2007, during which a basilical church with very fine floor mosaics and rare architectural sculptures have been revealed. GABAM support for the 2016 excavation season was for documenting the architecture of the building as well as cleaning, restoring and documenting about 104 m2 of floor mosaics. Previously restored areas about 500 m2 were documented by photographs and drawings during the same season.

The Archaeological Settlements of Turkey (TAY) Project

GABAM is supporting the inventory project of the Byzantine period buildings in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey, carried out within the framework of the TAY Project. In 2016, inventory pages for 171 Byzantine buildings in Lycia were completed. Inventories for Pamphylia and Cilicia regions are planned to completed in 2017.  You can have detailed information on TAY Project from this link; www.tayproject.org.

Küçükyalı ArkeoPark Project

GABAM supported both the archaeological excavations carried out at Küçükyalı ArkeoPark during the fall 2015 and summer 2016 seasons and the construction of the Dig House – Visitors Center. You can have detailed information on the project from this link; www.kucukyaliarkeopark.net.