Professor Robert Ousterhout, who dedicated long years of his academic life to the research of Byzantine art in Türkiye, has been working in the region of Cappadocia over twenty-five years. His book, A Byzantine Settlement in Cappadocia was published in 2005, compiling the results of the excavations and surveys he conducted at Çanlı Kilise (lit. Church with a Bell) and its environs between 1994 and 1998.

His book, Visualizing Communities: Art, Material Culture, and Settlements in Byzantine Cappadocia has been translated by GABAM into Turkish and was originally published in 2017 as a product of Ousterhout’s most recent investigations in the region. In this book, contrary to the traditional studies of Cappadocia which generally discuss buildings and frescoes individually while treating occupational areas as isolated settlements, Ousterhout presents an integrative approach for the study of the region, rendering its communities “visible” in a sense, by focusing on the artefacts of material culture with considerations on historical, environmental and climatic processes, along with different aspects of daily life and religious practices.